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The Arduino family of microcontrollers come in several sizes, all at super low prices – some under 5 dollars! With an assortment of Analog and Digital inputs and outputs combined with a simple programming language they are the ideal choice for all kinds of projects.



From Roomba’s® to R2D2’s, humans have always had a fascination with robots. With the availability of cheap electronics and inexpensive parts it’s easier than ever to design and build your own robot. Make it follow a line or make it do the dishes – it’s your robot!

Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a microcomputer with a micro price. But don’t be fooled by it’s size, it packs a powerful punch and includes USB, Audio, Video Camera and HDMI ports. Use it as the brains for your next Robot or Internet of Things project, or make your own mini web server.

Internet of Things

Sooner or later everything will be connected to the Internet. Learn about the Internet of Things (IoT) and build cool projects to wire up your home and take control of your environment. Star Trek just got a little bit closer, so beam yourself up and let’s get started!


Electronics is a fun hobby that you no longer need to be a rocket scientist to enjoy. Modern components, tools and test equipment is inexpensive and powerful, allowing you to create just about anything you can dream up. So what are you waiting for – let’s get wired!

Drones & Quadcopters

UAV’s, Quadcopters, Hexcopters – call them what you wish, they are the “cool toy” of the 21st century with many practical applications in photography, surveillance and around the farm or at home. Let’s create your very own flying machine.

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  • L298 Motor Control Module Arduino Potentiometers
    Controlling DC Motors with the L298N Dual H-Bridge and an Arduino
    Controlling DC Motors is an essential skill for constructing robots and other hobby projects. An easy way to control DC motors is to use an L298N H-Bridge, an inexpensive component that you can buy from several sources. Fear not if you’ve never heard of the L298N or if you don’t know what an H-Bridge is - in this article I’ll show you everything you need to know to start making things move with an Arduino. We’ll even construct a simple Robot Car that you can pilot using a Joystick.So let’s get our motors running and learn all about the L298N H-Bridge!
  • Stepper Motors with Arduino
    Stepper Motors with Arduino – Getting Started with Stepper Motors
    Stepper motors are used in a variety of devices ranging from 3D printers and CNC machines to Blu Ray drives, cameras and even analog clocks. In this article you’ll learn how steppers work, the difference between bipolar and unipolar stepper motors and how to control both of them with an Arduino.
  • Using Inexpensive 433MHz Transmit and Receive Modules with Arduino
    Those inexpensive RF transmitter and receiver modules that you can get on eBay and Amazon are perfect when you need a low-cost method of sending one-way data between two Arduinos. In this article you’ll learn how these modules work and how to use them in your next Arduino project.
  • Robot Car With Speed Sensors
    Wireless Joystick for Arduino Robot Car with nRF24L01+
    Learn to use the popular nRF24L01 radio modules with an Arduino, using the RadioHead library. In this article we will conduct several experiments sending data between two Arduinos with the nRF24L01. We will then take what we have learned and build a wireless joystick controller for our robot car!