I always love hearing from anyone genuinely interested in the DroneBot Workshop. There are several ways that you can contact me:

  • Leave a comment on a post. This is by far the best (and usually fastest) way to resolve any problem you’re having with one of the projects I present here.
  • Make a comment on a video on the DroneBot Workshop YouTube Channel. I try and respond to most comments within 72 hours although sometimes it takes longer.
  • Via email at info AT dronebotworkshop DOT com . Please note that I no longer respond to inquiries regarding sponsored videos or advertising.
  • Or simply fill out the following form:

No matter which communications method you choose I’d love to hear your opinion on the workshop, the projects I’ve presented and perhaps even some get some ideas that I can use to make it better.  Always room for improvement!

Please note that while I will do my best to respond to you as quickly as possible I am sometimes overwhelmed by the volume of email that I receive.  So please don’t be offended if I don’t reply right away.

Questions about my Videos and Articles

If your question is about a specific article or video (i.e. “how do I modify this project to do …”) PLEASE post it as a comment on that post instead of using this contact form or sending me an email. This way your question will become part of the conversation, allowing others to benefit from the discussion and perhaps provide an even better answer.

Help with Projects

I am sorry but although I LOVE to try and help people with their projects I currently am not available for private consultations or custom code jobs, I simply don’t have the time and resources to do that at the moment. I need to devote my time to making content for the website and YouTube channel.  I hope you understand.

Sponsored Videos & Articles – Updated December 14, 2018

While I have done some sponsored videos and articles in the past I have decided not to continue doing them, so please don’t inquire about themRequests for sponsored content will simply be ignored. Should I decide to resume doing sponsored videos in the future I will update this page.  Thank you.

Advertising on the DroneBot Workshop Website

You have probably noticed that I do not have any advertising on this website.  I am currently not entertaining any applications or requests for advertising, so please don’t ask. Thank you.

SEO “Services”, SPAM and other Nonsense!

I have received more than my fair share of spammy emails for “SEO Services”, usually from people who obviously have never even seen my website and who use Gmail addresses instead of legitimate company addresses. Please don’t waste my time with this SPAM, I have no need for your “services”. I also don’t require help with social networking or local search!

Thanks for your interest in the DroneBot Workshop!

info AT dronebotworkshop.com