Although the workshop is a place where I build things I also buy a lot of new tech toys and parts to use in my quest to build the perfect robots and drones. When I get something new and exciting I’ll post a review of it along with a corresponding video. I’ll also document my experience with the different online stores that I deal with.

Here’s what I have so far:

Quadcopter Reviews

Quadcopter ReviewsEven if you’re planning to build the ultimate quadcopter it’s not a bad idea to purchase one or two of them. An inexpensive mini copter or microcopter is a great way to learn how to fly without making a huge financial commitment. You can also get some great design ideas from commercial devices, plus they are a lot of fun to hack!

Take a look at the quadcopter and drone reviews that I’ve compiled here.


Software Reviews

Software ReviewsThose geniuses who write software are always coming up with new products that can make our lives easier. Whether it comes to designing electronic circuits, programming a quadcopter or controlling devices on the Internet of Things there is always new software to play with!

Check out my software reviews for both free open-source and Commercial software that I think you’ll find useful in your own Workshop.



Vendor Reviews

Vendor ReviewsIn order to build all these electronic gizmos I tend to buy a lot of stuff, most of it online. The internet has opened the door to vendors from all over the world and it’s great to be able to shop around, read reviews, and know that you’re getting the best price.

As I deal with different vendors I’ll write reviews documenting my experience with them. I’m already finding some vendors who give amazing customer service, unfortunately I found a few ( albeit very few) who made the buying experience less than stellar.

Read all out my vendor reviews here.