Website Features

Welcome to the Workshop!

There’ve been some changes around here recently; let’s take a look at a few of them.

Please note that I am still implementing these changes on a per-article basis, so the features described here are not yet available for every article.

Article Buttons

You’ll find four circular buttons at the top of most articles.  Some articles do not require code or parts lists.


PDF Download PDF Download

You can download a PDF version of the article by clicking on this button. The PDF will be contained in a ZIP file; this is for compatibility with every web browser and operating system.

You are welcome to print and redistribute the PDF documents, providing that (a) you provide them without a charge and (b) you do not alter or remove images, links, or references to DroneBot Workshop or

This feature is being deployed on a per-article basis, so many articles have an inactive PDF button. Check back soon, as these are updated daily.


Parts List Parts List

Here is a list of the components used in the article, along with links to sites where you can pick them up.  I’ll try to link to the exact same components I used in the article whenever possible.

Please note that the links to Amazon are affiliate links, the DroneBot Workshop will earn a small commission if you make your purchases through them.  This does not increase your cost and is an easy way to help keep this ad-free website running. Only the Amazon links are affiliate links, and I only link to items I actually have bought from Amazon myself.

I always link to vendors who I have dealt with myself and have found to be trustworthy. However, the DroneBot Workshop cannot be held responsible for any transactions you enter into with any vendors linked to from this website. Always exercise due diligence when purchasing online, and if possible, consider supporting your local merchants.

This feature is being deployed on a per-article basis, so many articles have a blank Parts List. Check back soon, as these are updated daily.


View on YouTube View on YouTube

This will take you to the video associated with the article, which will be opened in a new tab. Perfect for reading and watching at the same time!

Of course, the DroneBot Workshop can’t be responsible for what else you watch on YouTube after this video. So if you end up spending three hours watching the Lock Picking Lawyer or Shaun the Sheep, it’s entirely your fault!  Personally, I would recommend Cool Worlds, especially this video.


Download Code Code Download

All the code examples from the article are wrapped up for you inside a handy ZIP file. Saves a lot of copying and pasting!

All code is provided without warranty. Code authored by the DroneBot Workshop is released under the Creative Commons License.  Code from other authors is subject to the licensing terms specified within the provided files.

This feature is available on most articles; the remainder will be updated ASAP.

Accessibility & Ease of Use

This website has many features to make it easier to see and use.

Dark Mode

You can switch the theme of the DroneBot Workshop website to either Light or Dark mode using the toggle switch in the bottom left corner of your screen.

Your settings will be saved in a cookie so that the website will remember your preference for your next visit.

Dark Mode is a lot easier on the eyes and can reduce fatigue when using your computer for long periods.  It’s not just a “night mode; you can even use it in the daytime!


 Change Text Size

You can now change the size of the text in every article. It can be set to 100 (default), 110, or 120 percent, as well as reduced to 90 percent if you actually find it to be too large for your taste.

These adjustments only affect the page you are currently reading. The page will be reset to 100% when you return for your next visit

This feature works in both Normal and Dark Mode.


 Expand Wiring Diagrams

Some of the wiring diagrams are now clickable. Click on the diagram to open up a larger (1920 x 1080) image. 

The larger image is much easier to see, which should reduce squinting and wiring errors!  The image will open in a new browser tab and can be closed without affecting your place on the website.

This feature is still being deployed, and many articles haven’t been edited yet. They will be updated soon.


 Table of Contents

There is an expandable Table of Contents at the top of every article, above the Article Buttons.  It is collapsed by default; it can be expanded by clicking it. You can toggle it on and off with your mouse.

This Table of Contents is a duplicate of the version on the right sidebar. All the links are clickable and will take you directly to that section of the article.