DB1 – Moving Forward

DB1 Robot Episode 16

The DB1 project hasn’t moved forward much since we last got together, and there are some reasons for that. Today I’ll bring you up to speed on what’s happening, and how I plan to move forward

Don’t worry, DB1 is still very much alive! But in order to move forward, I’m making some changes to the publishing schedule.

I will also give you access to the first piece of “official” DB1 documentation, the I/O Distribution Board.

Build a Real Robot – Part 4 – Selecting Wheels

Wheels For Robots

In the fourth installment of the Build a REAL Robot series I will discuss wheels. While it may not seem like the most thrilling subject, selecting wheels for your robot is a very important task.

I will discuss some of the specifications you will need to know when selecting robot wheels and I’ll also go over the different types of wheels you can use for your robot.