Welcome to the Workshop!

Thank you for visiting the DroneBot Workshop website. This website has been established for two reasons.

  1. To chronicle my adventures in building robots drones and other devices using cool technology such as Arduino’s and Raspberry PI’s.
  2. To assist other people in building devices similar to the ones I build and to teach them about working with electronics which is a wonderful hobby that can be very rewarding.

The workshop is not just the website it is actually a real place with real tools and real equipment where I build real things. Every day I work in it and build cool stuff with Arduino’s, Raspberry Pi’s and a variety of sensors and motors.

In addition to the website I have also established a DroneBot Workshop YouTube channel. Please visit my channel and check out all of the different videos I have that will teach you all of the different aspects on building robots drones and learning electronics.

Thank you for visiting the DroneBot Workshop. I hope you enjoy your visit and I would appreciate any comments that you might have that may help me to make this workshop a better place for all of us.