Outdoor Robot

If you’re looking for information regarding my Outdoor Robot design, you’re in the right place!

This 6-wheeled rover is capable of traversing rough terrain.  It makes use of technologies like GPS-RTK, object detection & recognition, Electronic Speed Controls, and many more.

The build will be documented in a series of articles and videos, with many of the videos published exclusively on this website and/or the DroneBot Workshop Forums.  In addition, there will be a GitHub page and an accompanying ReadTheDocs documentation page.

This page will be updated every time that new documentation is published, so if you’re interested in this project, you might want to consider bookmarking it for future reference.  New sections will be added as required.

Designing and Building the Robot

These articles detail how the robot was designed and built.

6-Wheel Rover – Introduction –  An introduction to the project. If you’re new to this project, then this is probably the ideal place to start.

6-Wheel Rover – Rover Base – Not wild about the Wild Thumper Chassis – I built my robot upon a 6-wheeled chassis called a “Wild Thumper”. And unfortunately, I regret this decision!

Motors and Power Supplies

Wiring and testing the motors and power sources.

6-Wheel Rover – ESCs and Motor Wiring – Wiring and testing the motors and Electronic Speed Controls (ESC’s).

6-Wheel Rover – 11.4-Volt Battery Connections – The connections to the 11.6-volt LiPo battery, which supplies power for all the electronics.

6-Wheel Rover – Providing Power with Voltage Regulators – The second layer of the robot has three voltage regulators.