Welcome to the workshop!

The DroneBot Workshop is not just a website, it’s actually a real workshop where I do real work with real tools and real parts. The workshop idea started in late August 2015 when I decided to clear off my old work bench so that I could start building things with Arduinos and Raspberry Pi’s. One thing lead to another and soon I found myself framing, putting up drywall and wiring a brand new room  – something I’ve never done before. It was actually a life changing experience believe it or not! I spent New Year’s Eve painting my brand new room (which shows you what an exciting life I have LOL) and by the 1st of January 2016 the DroneBot Workshop was born!

Now that the workshop is ready it’s time to get to work. I have designed the workshop to be an efficient place to work on electronics projects, especially for building drones and robots. The workshop is not very large, in fact the room barely measures 8×8, so I’ve had to make use of every square inch of space as efficiently as possible.

Along the way I’ve come up with what (I think at least) are some very good ideas for assembling an electronics workbench and a small workshop. I’d like to share some of those ideas with you and I’m going to do just that in some of these videos. I’ve also amassed a number of really cool tools, some of which you may not be familiar with, and I’ll show you them as well.

If you’ve ever wanted to undertake a similar project or would just like to add a few extra features to the workshop that you already have then I think you might find some of this interesting. Please check out my workshop posts and videos to get some ideas for building your own DroneBot Workshop.

Welcome to the workshop! Now let’s get to work.

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