The term “software” can encompass a number of things; from dedicated computer programs like Photoshop, applications that we run online like Google Drive and the apps that we run on our tablets and smartphones. Software is a part of everyone’s life and it’s very difficult to imagine how we’d get along without some of it.

Open source software has allowed people to obtain powerful software applications without spending any money. There is open source software for almost every application. Programs like Libreoffice are just as powerful and full-featured as the more expensive commercial Microsoft Office Products. Design and drawing programs like Gimp and Blender have capabilities equal to commercial applications that can cost several thousands of dollars.

Here in the DroneBot Workshop we use all sorts of software applications, most of them open source. Dedicated pieces of software like the Arduino editor and Ardupilot allow us to program microcontrollers, robots and quadcopters. Specialized applications like Fritzing can simplify the design and documentation of electronic circuits. And software libraries allow us to take clever designs from talented programmers and incorporate them within our own creations.

Let’s learn about and use some great software programs!


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