Build a Pico “Uno” – Prototyping with the Pico

Build a Pico “Uno” – Prototyping with the Pico

The Raspberry Pi Pico is a very powerful microcontroller, especially when compared to an Arduino Uno. Yet most of the time we reach for a board to test with, we pick an Uno! This is because the Uno is easier to prototype with.

Well, today we’ll change all that and build three different “Pico Uno” boards that have the power of the RP2040 and the ease of use of an Arduino Uno.

e-Paper with Arduino & Raspberry Pi

e-Paper with Arduino & Raspberry Pi

e-Paper displays have a number of unique features, such as being visible in broad daylight, consuming very little current, and retaining their image when powered down. But they also have some disadvantages – they have poor refresh rates, limited color capability, and are more expensive than other display types.

in some applications, however, e-Paper is a perfect choice, and today we will see how to use these displays with both an Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

Radio Control – Use the Flysky FS-I6X with Arduino & Build an RC Car

RC Remote Controls

Today we will learn how RC Remote controls work, and how we can use them with an Arduino.

After learning two different ways of interfacing with the Flysky receiver, we will build a small robot car.

Our car will have two different modes – Normal & Spin. You’ll have to read the article or watch the video to find out what that means!

Getting Started with the Arduino IoT Cloud

Arduino IoT Cloud

Today we will look at the Arduino IoT Cloud, an online application for building Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

I’ll show you how to get an account set up, how to configure your workstation, and how to build your first “Thing”.

The cloud was recently updated, so now even free plan users can work with the ESP32, and I’ll show you how to do that as well.