Follow along as I put together an indoor/outdoor robotics project, an autonomous rover. I’ll be adding more articles and the occasional video to this section, to show you how I’m progressing with this build.


This is the beginning of a sort of “mini-blog within the website”, for lack of a better description.  

Here I’ll be documenting my progress and design decisions while trying to put together a rover with the following features and capabilities:

  • Capable of outdoor operation under reasonable conditions.
  • Can operate as a “waypoint robot” using GPS coordinates.
  • Capable of autonomous operation.
  • Compatible with ArduPilot and other piloting systems.
  • Uses standard, easily obtainable components.
  • Expandable with extra hardware & software, such as LiDAR and image recognition.

While I want to keep this cheap, I’m also not looking for a bargain-basement design. And I’ll be using a lot of pre-built components, instead of rolling my own.

The object is to get something working as quickly as possible so that it can be used as a platform for even more advanced designs.

Why do this?  And what about DB1?

A fair question, after all, I have a perfectly good DB1 Robot that is still sitting in limbo, waiting for someone to give it some love.


Fear not, DB1 is not dead, he’s just resting on his perch, pining for the fields of Norway. Perhaps I have that confused with something else, but trust me, he’ll be back faster than a Norwegian Blue!

But one thing that DB1 can’t do is to go outside. He’s just never been built for that, he’s an indoor robot.

So why worry about outside. Well because an outdoor robot is a bit of a different beast, and I want to try my hand at designing one. And, as I live in Canada, I need to do it when there isn’t a meter of snow covering the ground!

So DB1 can wait until the snow falls, in the meantime, I’m building this rover LOL!

There is a second reason for bumping the rover up in the queue, and it has to do with some work that I’m doing with someone else. Not at liberty to say exactly what that is right now, but  I can say that it uses some very similar technologies.  More on that in a bit, I promise.


Autonomous Rover Project – Design Requirements
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